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Vital Honey Price in Pakistan

Price : 8500 PKR
Vital Honey in Pakistan
  • Product Category: Sexual Wellness
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Buy Vital Honey Price in Pakistan At Starting Price Of Price : 8500 PKR - Available In Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Bahawalpur, Peshawar ,Multan, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad, Faisalabad, Quetta And All Other Major Cities Of Pakistan.

Vital Honey in Pakistan For Men’s Health

Vital Honey in Pakistan To Improve And Increase Sexual Ability For Men
Buy Vital Honey in Pakistan – 100% Natural Product For Sexual Health. Tongcat Ali Roots, Honey, Cinnamon. Honey For Sex. Treats Prostatits, For All Ages. Safe, Natural.
According To Studies Conducted By Japanese Scientists At The Vitality Center For Biomedical Science In The City Of Yamaguchi Of Japan, About 55% Of Men Suffer From The Symptoms Of Ed In Various Types, Whether Elderly Or Young, The Study Classified Patients With Ed Into Two Categories:

1 : Elderly

The Elderly Suffer From A Weakness In The Production Of Testosterone And Damage To The Nerves And Cells As A Result Of Age, In Addition To Diseases Such As Diabetes, High Blood Pressure And Cholesterol, Which Inhibit And Reduce Sexual Performance, Therefore Unable To Function Sexually, And Are Referred To By:

Weakness In Erection As A Result Of Cells’ Aging, Especially After The Age Of 45.
Loss To Sexual Desire Due To The Inability Of Physically Performing The Act.
They Become Vulnerable To Psychological Setbacks That May Turn Into A Form Of A Depression That Leads To Other Illnesses.Vital Honey in Pakistan

2 : Youth

Studies Showed That 60% Of Young People Suffer From Dysfunction In Terms Of Sexual Performance ” Here, We’re Not Just Referring To Ed, But Also Disorders In The Sexual Function, Such As Premature Ejaculation, The Inability To Reach Orgasm, Or Impotency ” These Disturbing Symptoms Are Evident Through Several Indicators, Some Of Which:

Premature Ejaculation, Due To The Vitality Of The Young, And The Quick Response Of Women’s Sense Organs.
Short Duration Of Intercourse Without Reaching Orgasm, Which Causes Psychological Setbacks For Both Partners.
Another Issue Is That Many Young People Have The Efficient Sexual Abilities, Yet They Suffer From Frigidity, Especially After A Long Time Of Being Married.Vital Honey in Pakistan


Since Caviar Is Sensitive And Perishable, A Group Of Japanese Scientists, Specialized In Vital Nutrition Has Came Up With A Creative Way To Restore And Maintain It, By Drying The Eggs Of Sturgeon “caviar” By Drying It , Which Is Somewhat A Complicated Process And Done By Exposure To A Temperature Produced By A Certain Light Wave, In Special Occasions, For Many Days, And After Cooling It With Dry Air, It Is Grinded In Special Machinery With Glass Fibers, Designed For This Purpose, To Maintain The Nutritional And Therapeutic Features Of Caviar To Support Men’s Sexual Abilities.

Doesvital Also Added The Well Calculated Extract Of The Famous Malaysian Herb Called Eurycoma Longifolia, Which Is Famous For Improving Sexual Performance. They Also Added Cinnamon Extract, Which Is Filled With Minerals And Oils That Revives The Senses And Support Cells With Important Energy For Metabolism.Vital Honey in Pakistan

Issues That The Product Deals With

1 : Elderly

Increases Sexual Desire.
Strengthens The Erection Without Feeling Tired.
Boosts Self Confidence Due To A Stable Sexual Performance.
Increases Testosterone Levels.
Decreases Prostate Issues And Illnesses In The Man’s Productive System.
Gives A Feeling Of Activeness, Mind Clarity, And Refreshes The Memory.
Supports Body Cells With Amino Acids And Minerals, Important For The Metabolism.
Organizes Cell Metabolism Because Of The Omega 3.

2 : Youth

Prevents Premature Ejaculation And Maintains A Healthy Sexual Performance.
Elongates The Period Of Action And Improves Orgasm.
Increases Sexual Desire.
Gives Self Confidence And Desire To Be Sexually Active.
Maintains A Steady Base Of Sexual Performance.
Improves The Firtility Of The Sperm.
Improves Blood Circulation.

How Do You Take Vital Honey ?

Vital Honey in Pakistan You Have One Pack Two Hours Before Sexually Performing, Please Drink A Lot Of Water “better After Meals”


The Pack Is Effective For At Least 48 Hours, So It Is Not Advised To Use It On A Daily Basis


Not Allowed For Renal Failure Patients Or Patients With Heart Issues ” High Blood Pressure – Ischemia ” , It Is Also Not Allowed For Children Or Pregnant Women

Vital Honey Price is $58.27

Vital Honey Price in Pakistan is : 8,500.00

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Vital Honey For Men’s Health ?

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